Sunday, August 5, 2007


Well haven't had much to update but I have been spending a lot of time out at Saints training camp practices and I'd say its been worth it. Don't have the time to post the totals but here is some scans of most of what I have come up with.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Jose !

Well just 2 returns in the past few days. Things have been slow.

Jose Mesa signed 1/1 in about 2 or so weeks

Ty Wiggington signed 1/1 for me in about the same time except I sent him an 06 Bowman Heritage and he sent me back an 03 Topps.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Ebay Items

I am trying to sell this pack pull Brady Quinn 2007 SAGE Certified Autograph. Here is a link to it. Email me with any questions.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Big Update

I have been out of town for the last week and have been unable to do an actual update.

I went out to the Southern League All-Star Game. The game was incredibly boring and full of fill in players and it seemed to just be drug out in between innings. Here what I came up with:

Gio Gonzalez 7/7 (nice sig and took his time.....I feel he will be good)
Donny Lucy 2/4 (why not just sign the last 2 cards?)
Lee Mitchell 2/2 (nice guy)
Mark Holliman 3/3
Jake Fox 3/3
Carlos Guevera 1/1
Carl Loadenthal 1/1
Diory Hernandez 1/1

As far as the mail goes I had a few returns lately:

Pat Neshek c/0 MN in about 10 days
Fernando Vina c/0 his Home addy in Nevada in about 12 days

Also I will be selling a Brady Quinn 2007 Sage Certified Autograph on EBAY. Let me know by email if you are interested and I will tell you the details.

Also received a gift from a family member, a couple of LSU programs from 1957 and 1958

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Out of Town

If your looking for a website that specializes in Single trading cards, check out Sportlots has millions of cards to search through to help you find the cards you're looking for. They accept Check, Money Order or Paypal payment.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mail Time!!!

Just one thing to report today got back Ruppert Jones today in about a week c/o his home adddress.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Chatanooga vs. Mississippi

Well wasn't able to make it out to pre-game but in the end it worked out because the game ended up starting late do to rain and no team took batting practice. Only was able to do post-game which actually worked out pretty good. It's very easy to get the visiting players as they are walking across the field under the tunnel to go back to the clubhouse.


Tyler Pelland: 6/6
Drew Anderson: 4/4 (nicest player of the night...struck up a conversation and took the time to sign each card perfectly)
Luis Bolivar: 2/2
Craig Tatum: 1/1 ( last one out of the dug
out and seemed to be in a hurry)

Missed Jay Bruce while Anderson
was signing


Brandon Jones: 3/3 (thought he was never going to come out of the clubhouse out back...both times he has signed for me this year he has s
eemed to be in a grumpy mood...he's never said a word but when we say "I appreciate it" he just gives the little "mmmmmh")
Matt Harrison: 2/2 (funny story dealing with that I'll e
xplain at the end)
Matt Esquivel: 2/2 (one of the coolest guys on the team....also has a nice signature)
Carl Loadenthal: 3/3

Diory Hernandez: 1/1 (4x6)

So the Matt Harrison's always nice to get autos out back cause you get to meet and talk with most of the players' families that are waiting for them. Well, a friend girl of Matt Harrison(could be his girlfriend or wife not too sure) had been drinking during the game. Charlie Morton walks out and she starts talking to him going on a rampage about Jo Jo Reyes who was recently called up to Triple A Richmond being called up before Matt and started using 4 letter words and screaming about how the team scores runs when Jo Jo pitches and not when Matt pitches and how Jo Jo is cocky about it....In the end we thought it was pretty funny mainly because this lady was completely wasted and said anything that popped in her head.

Next Game: Southern League All-Star Game